Democratic Party – Stop being Fooled!

So we have a great deal of people who state that they want the “Old Democrat” party to come back… and some people who state that the “New Progressive” party is required.  So I ask you why do people vote democrat party at all?  What is the difference between the two types of democrats?  The answer is very simple… nothing.  Now some of you say – ah you are full of shit.  They are nothing alike.  But fact will show that the democratic party does not have two sides… nor has it ever changed from the original Democratic party origins.  

When Andrew Jackson started the party they were pro slavery, pro BIG government, PRO expansion at all cost to name a few.  People forget that the democratic party was the party for slavery in the 1800’s.  They wanted to get rid of the native Americans (Trial of Tears where thousands of Native People were murdered was a directive from Andrew Jackson himself).  The democrats were the southern army and a great deal of the Northern Army as well.  The Republicans were a very small group then… barely out of it’s infancy but the President at the time, Lincoln… was a true believer in the Republican party… a party to abolish slavery, to give civil rights to all Americans regardless their color or sex (yes Democrats withheld the right to vote for women).  As it was true in the beginning it is still true today.  Ideological charts up until the mid 90’s were a straight line but scholars demanded the change to a circle or box to start to show where Right wing supports could be racist and hate mongers too… unfortunately the truly educated in ideological will tell you there is no way the ideological chart can be neither a circle or a box since they two sides are completely different.  The left side is democrats, socialist, Nazis, fascist and communism ending with a totalitarian government (dictator)  The Right side is comprised Conservatism, Free Market, Republics.  The two sides are completely different and will never be able to “Change sides”  So when you hear Republicans are racist… that is complete bullshit.  Democrats will tell you they “Changed” in the 60’s with the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the age of the “Dixiecrat”  The problem is 91 democrats voted against that bill… yes folks that was the majority of their voting block.  If it was not for the Republicans that bill would have never passed.  Much like the two Civil Rights Acts that were voted on in the past… all passed with Republican votes… no democrats.  So let’s look at the “Dixiecrat”  Yes there was a movement in the South in the 60’s to show that democrats were moving from the racist party that created the KKK, Skinheads, Neo-Nazis, segregation, Jim Crowe Laws, etc.  The only problem was there were only TWO politicians that switched to the Republican party during that small window…. the bulk of the southern Democrats stay the same.    The policies of the left have never changed… only are masked… altered to look like they care.  The biggest victims of these tactics are the minorities.  Black Americans were completely lied too during FDR and LBJ times to get black voters to the Democrat side and it worked… but instead of keeping their promises they continued to keep the black Americans down… kept them poor, lower educated and trained to vote, act and backup all the leftist policies they were pushing.  The facts are there… Simply look at Flint, Detroit, Chicago, NYC, LA, and every inter city with a large black population.  They have been cheated of the “American” dream since they jumped to the democrat side… Some are getting more knowledgeable and seeing that they democrats have lied to them but the majority of Black Americans still vote democrat and received no promised being fulfilled that were promised.  So today, the left has the media, colleges and other populous groups training young Americans about how bad the Right is… but if these same groups would research the facts… they would see that democrats are not for your betterment… they just want power and control.  I challenge anyone to read history about this… you will clearly see what I am writing today is correct.  Socialist/Nazis/Fascist have to control the media, health care, education, and several other things to success in taking over a country… The left is doing just that to American… which was founded on the very opposite of what the Democrats want to do politically.  Time to wake up America… and see that the left will not do a damn thing for you and have never done anything to help any Americans except their fellow Democrat and Rhino politician.  They are all getting rich from being in office and spit on their so-called voters.  The cheat over and over again in elections to steal them from the voter base and no one in the media will cover that.  That should be your first clue.  Wake Up America.

America… We once had Laws

I entitled this post “America… We once had Laws” because we once did.  In the past, if you committed a crime you were caught and processed via a court system and proof would have to be give as to whether the person was guilty or innocent.  For the average Joe, that is still the case… except for being accused of Rape, your a politician on the left, or work for the government.

Let’s look at the recent rape cases.  Bill Cosby was sentenced yesterday… does anyone remember the court case?  No real evidence was provided that linked Bill Cosby to any of these women who accused him of this horrible act… Secondly and most important… the accusers all stated this happened in the past, some as far back as 20 years ago… but none of these women even thought about going to the police when this happened to them?  I am not defending Bill Cosby… if he is guilty he got what he deserved but ladies think for a minute… what if a woman who wanted to get back at your husband for something, like not getting a jobs she felt she was the best qualified for, or she was just jealous of you… All she has to do is accuse him of rape… and 90% of the time he will go to jail… no proof, no chance to defend himself since the action did not even happen.  Unfortunately with hollyweird getting on the bandwagon they are convicting innocent men of rape solely for stupid reasons… instead of them actually committing the crimes.  I guarantee if we would go back to the day where if an accuser is lying, they will serve time, this false accusation shit would stop… for good.  We need to seriously do this!  Presently Supreme Court Justice Kavanuagh is being accused of this as well.  Yet it happened 35 years ago, the so-called victim did not report it when it happened (because it probably did not happen) and conveniently has come out during his senate review… hmmm.  Folks this is purely political and it stinks.  It is time we stop these political sideshows and start to lock down how things are done.  If you claim rape you better have a police report and proof.  If not no crime was committed.   Follow the LAW!

Speaking of law, we used to have this crime called Treason.  Treason is where a person does something that contradicts the standing government, puts the government in harms way or providing resources or information to foreign governments be it our allied or foes…..

Folks do you realize that Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Eric Holder, Maxine Waters, Kamala Harris and Most of the leadership int the DOJ and FBI are guilty of treason?  Even Obama could be linked to at least two cases of treason – Benghazi (left Americans to die) and fast and Furious (giving semi automatics to Mexican cartels).  Hillary has the most acts of treason.  Selling uranium to Russia (documented), Bengahzi and the plot to ruin Trump during the election and after (worse that Watergate folks).  Is there a special council for any of these actions?   No… there is one that is supposedly starting up… I will believe it when I see it.  A Special Counsel is only allowed if there is proof of a crime and only that crime can be investigated.  We are now 20 months past the start of the Russia-gate probe and to date not a single shred of proof that the Trump Campaign ever even contacted Russia let alone colluded with them for the election… Yet there is proof that Hillary and the DNC, screwed over Bernie illegally and how Hillary worked with the Ukraine to work against Trump… yet still nothing on that and there is actual documented proof of those things…

So if you think Trump is a hateful and bad guy… you may want to look at the democrat leadership first.  Schumer, Pelosi and Waters are openly calling for the democrats to block anything that the Trump administration is trying to do… that is treason folks… plain and simple… what should have happened is once he first started that shit the Secret Service would have approached him and warned him about that and that type of action is aggression against a standing president… if he did it again he would have to be arrested… but he has done this now 12 times… and nothing.  Waters is going out stating “Impeach 45”  for what?  He has done no crimes and everything he has promised to do he is doing and it is working… So are Trump’s crimes bettering the American people?  I am not sure what the argument the Democrats are trying to make but to a logical person… they seem like they are out for their agenda and not what is good for the people.  The people are benefiting from job growth, employment more money for them and their families…  how can anyone be against that?


Should I Vote This MidTerm? Why Yes, but do some things first….

The BIG question is… should you vote? The simple answer is YES… but the correct answer is please do your research first. It is amazing to me how many people I know on the left that refuses to believe that their candidates are not corrupt or that there is voter fraud from the left. One way to find out for yourself is to do simple research. I will state that it is harder to get the facts with the blocks that are obviously in place from groups like google. Four years ago I searched for Voter Fraud… I received over 12 pages of actual proof of voter fraud across this great nation… Everything from illegals allowed to vote in California to votes from dead people in Illinois. However over the past few years, it has become a leftist push to state there is no voter fraud… and yes even lefty lawyers believe that crap as well. Their argument is that having Voter ID laws would stop legal voters from voting… my argument… WHY? What is stopping anyone from getting the proper voter IDs needed? From what I have read e-Verify (which is used where I work) is free. There is no payment, no cost to be in this system. So what is the problem? Simple folks. With actual voter ID processing illegal voters, and dead people can’t vote. Also another growing act of voter fraud, voting in multiple counties an states would be stopped too. Each legal American gets one vote… and that one vote stops when you pass away. In 2016 486K dead people voted for Hillary Clinton in Illinois… amazing right? Did you hear about that on CNN, MSNBC or Fox? Of course not… that is that voter fraud the Right keeps bitching about, so hide it. There was a neutral group that found these votes… showed them to the powers that be, and nothing was done. Folks that is corruption.

This leads me to my second point, review your candidates. Most people cast a ballot for Democrat only or Republican only without even researching their candidate. Has anyone research a congress person or senator before they voted? Doubtful I say. A good example is a couple of politicians in California. The high and mighty Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi. Has anyone from these two’s districts ever looked up their voting records? Maxine Water rarely votes… rarely even appears for votes and when she does vote it is typically against what she “stands for”. The similar is true for Pelosi, except she does vote more than Maxine Waters, she almost always votes against what her voters want. She has actually voted against LGBTQ rights then comes out and stated she supported them since her district includes the Castro areas of San Francisco. However if those voters would research her history they would see she is a big fat liar.

Also the majority of millionaires in the Congress and Senator are not from rich families… They got that way from being in office. I believe their average salary is around 170K now… You cannot be a 43 million dollar congress person/senator on that salary folks… Then you dig a bit deeper and you see that the majority of these politicians have their hand in the pot they tell you is evil. Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and Kamala Harris to name a few are neck deep in with the pharmaceutical and insurance companies… why do you think Pelosi once famously stated “They have to vote in the bill to know what is in it” for the Obama Care vote. She was geared to make millions.

Are there corrupt Republicans… absolutely. Look at Jeb Bush, Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan to name a few. However, they would sell our government into Socialism (what the democrat party is pushing for) than do their jobs… we call that spineless. However, this upcoming mid-term is critical Republicans have to hold the house and senate. Why you said? Simple. Trump’s agenda to get American strong again… is working. It is working even better than most predicted. The American people are getting more from their government and jobs than ever before… and that is solely due to President Trump since he has very little help in congress and the senate. And with the proof that the Democrats have been purposely obstructing President Trump from doing even more (that once was call treason), we have to vote republican to keep our growth back to the strongest economic nation on earth moving since President Trump is succeeding (you will never get that information from CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, etc) but if you research the facts you will see for yourself… that Trump has created more jobs than any other President, better salaries, more industry coming back, basically revoking all the socialist keys that are required to change our country into a socialist one. But you know what is funny? These elitist rich liberals that are pushing for Socialism here in the states are too blind to see their riches and property will be the first things taken if we turn socialist. Amazing how diluted people can because when they are told how to think and not use their own sense to research facts. scary.

Employee’s courage inspired by our cancer patients

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 Angelina was Shamsha Damani’s best friend for three years. A constant in the MD Anderson program director’s daily life, well-known to her large family and even some of her co-workers, Angelina wasn’t someone Damani met in school, a mentor at work or a beloved pet.

Angelina was her wig.

A new look

Just after starting her job at MD Anderson’s Lyda Hill Cancer Prevention Center, Damani noticed that her hair was falling out at a rapid pace. She didn’t worry initially. She’d had autoimmune issues in the past, and it had always grown back.

This time was different. Within a month, she’d lost all of her hair on her head, even her eyebrows and eyelashes, due to an autoimmune disorder called alopecia.

“I didn’t recognize myself in the mirror, and it was really rough at first,” she says. “Whenever I looked at family photos, it was painful because I knew I’d never look like that again.”

There is currently no treatment or cure for alopecia, but her family’s support kept her moving forward and discovering how to live with her new condition. Her sister found the wig makers who created Angelina (named after actress Angelina Jolie); her son was the voice of positivity throughout everything.

“When I was upset about how I looked different from before my alopecia, he told me, ‘Mom, pretend you were born this way, and let’s make new memories for our photos,’ which was great advice, especially given he was 7 at the time,” she recalls.

Wanting to make a difference

When she was younger, Damani wanted to help find the cure for terrible diseases like cancer. So after earning a degree in biology, she was excited to start work in a research lab at the Baylor College of Medicine.

“I walked in my first day and had a terrible reaction,” she remembers. “I’m apparently very allergic to mouse dander, and since I was hired specifically to work with the mice, the lab had to rearrange to get me into a research role that didn’t involve them.”

She stayed in research for a few years before deciding she wasn’t interested in becoming a scientist. Her knowledge of medicine and diseases was put to use in her next role here, as a librarian in our Learning Center and then in our Research Medical Library. In every position, she liked how her work allowed her to make a difference to our patients.

After some changes at home, Damani decided to make a change at work as well, and went back to school full-time, earning her MBA from Rice University. Upon graduating, she wanted to try something new, so she set about trying to make a difference through a recycling and sustainability program.

“I had great experiences there, but it just wasn’t like working at MD Anderson,” she says. “I got back here as fast as I could.”

Inspired by our cancer patients

Still, Damani was growing self-conscious at work. She wore Angelina every day and was taking great care with her appearance, but she suspected she wasn’t fooling anyone.

“Can you tell I’m wearing a wig?” she thought. “Everyone can tell I’m wearing a wig!”

But coming to work at MD Anderson day after day helped put things into perspective for Damani.

“Our patients are such an inspiration to me,” she says. “Compared to what they have to go through for treatments, simply having a bald head is nothing.”

Damani decided to come clean to her co-workers last year. She wrote an email warning her colleagues that she’d look different the next Monday and was stunned at the outpouring of support she received when she showed up without her wig. She hasn’t worn Angelina to work since.

“Everyone was so incredibly kind to me,” she says. “It’s really opened up my relationships with my colleagues and created an environment where we can support each other even better.”

Feeling herself again

Coming to work without her wig has let Damani get more comfortable with her true self: She’s not hiding behind Angelina.

The only drawback? “Sometimes my head gets cold in conference rooms!” she says.

But she’s found she connects better with others through her alopecia. A bald head can be a conversation starter, and she’s learned that by making herself vulnerable, others feel more able to do the same.

“Everyone has scars they carry with them from their life, but some are more visible than others,” she says. “Mine’s obvious, and I use it as a way to help people when they want to talk but don’t know how.”

How does Herceptin work for breast cancer?

Origin Print in: Medical News Today
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Herceptin is the trade name of the drug trastuzumab. It was approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration in 1998 for the treatment of metastatic HER 2 over-expressing breast cancer.

In 2006, it was approved for use in early stage breast cancer, in combination with standard breast cancer chemotherapy.

Studies have indicated that Herceptin improves survival rates in both early and late-stage breast cancer, known as metastatic cancer. In 2014, it was reported that Herceptin, combined with chemotherapy, increased the 10-year chance of survival among breast cancer patients from 75 percent to 84 percent.

How does Herceptin work?

Herceptin is a monoclonal antibody, and it interferes with the HER2/neu receptor.

[breast cancer survivors]

Herceptin is a drug that is helping women to survive breast cancer.

A monoclonal antibody is a biological treatment that is used for some kinds of cancer, either with chemotherapy or alone.

Cells produce proteins, and the monoclonal antibody recognizes and attaches itself to a particular protein.

Human epidermal growth factor receptor (HER) proteins affect the growth, adhesion, migration, differentiation, and survival of cells.

HER is found at high levels on cancer cells. This may explain why cancer cells divide so rapidly.

Different antibodies work in different ways, depending on their target protein, so that different antibodies will be used for different cancers.

The antibodies used in cancer therapy have various ways of attacking the cancer cells.

These include:

  • Triggering the immune system to attack the unwanted cells
  • Blocking the signals that tell the cancer cells to divide
  • Blocking the molecules that prevent the immune system from working
  • Carrying radiation or cancer drugs to the cancer cells.

HER2 is a type of HER that can play a role in the development of breast cancer.

The task of an HER receptor is to transmit molecular signals to the insides of cells from the surface. These signals switch genes on and off.

In breast cancers, the HER2 receptor is faulty. Its “on” switch never goes to “off,” so the breast cells reproduce uncontrollably, and breast cancer results.

Herceptin sticks to the HER2 protein, and it prevents the epidermal growth factor from getting into the cancer cells.

In this way, Herceptin stops the breast cancer cells from reproducing uncontrollably.

Who can use it?

Patients should only take Herceptin if they have overexpression of HER2. It does not benefit patients without overexpression of the HER2 protein.

Around 20 percent of women with breast cancer have Herceptin-sensitive tumors.

Tests can determine whether a patient has too much HER2.

How is it taken?

Herceptin is normally given as an infusion, intravenously. Sometimes it is administered by subcutaneous injection, which is an injection under the skin. It is normally given at intervals of between 1 and 3 weeks.

Currently, patients with early stage breast cancer are treated with Herceptin for one year. Studies have shown that treatment over one year is more beneficial than treatment over 6 months. Extending treatment beyond one year does not appear to add any benefit.

Care for metastatic patients may combine therapies, using pertuzumab, trastuzumab, and paclitaxel together.

For patients with metastatic cancer, it will be used until it is no longer effectively controlling the cancer.

Adverse effects

Herceptin is known to be cardiotoxic, which means that it can damage the heart. In rare cases, it can damage heart cells, and it can lead to congestive heart failure (CHF).

Because of this, patients usually need to be assessed for heart function before they can use this drug. Additionally, they will need to have their heart function assessed throughout their treatment. Patients with a pre-existing heart condition should not take Herceptin.

Cardiac damage is the most serious potential side effect. However, recent studies show that most women will recover after stopping the drug, and that long term effects are unlikely.

Another potentially serious side effect is lung problems. Rarely, a patient experiences severe shortness of breath or fluid on the lungs, among other symptoms. If lung problems occur, the patient should contact their physician.

A low white blood cell count has also been reported among patients taking Herceptin, and this can be life-threatening. The doctor may check the white blood cell count of patients who are receiving this drug.

Flu-like symptoms appear in about 40 percent of women who use Herceptin , but these are reported to be less severe after the first dose.

Possible side effects of Herceptin include:

  • Stomach pain
  • Pneumonia
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Heart problems
  • Headaches
  • Fever
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Diarrhea
  • Cough and shortness of breath
  • Chest pain
  • Aches and pains.

In rare cases, a patient may develop an allergic reaction and experience breathlessness, itching, and a rash.

However, Herceptin is generally well tolerated. Most patients do not experience significant side effects, and most of the adverse effects can be relieved by medication.

The End of Free Speech

Well Markie Zuckerberg spoke in front of the mindless and clueless politicians we call Senators and it was a completely joke folks.  First of all Markie insisted that they only “filter hate speech” … so what is Hate Speech.  For Markie it is any comment or view outside or different from the way he thinks according to the actual results of what Facebook is actually doing.  A good example is I wrote piece the day before MZ was to appear before the Senate.  It thanked MK for proving me right, ONCE again.  He proved me correct because what he is doing is actually illegal censorship.  When you block or remove speech, comments etc that differ from another option is the same as blocking hateful verbiage using slang to shine hate on a people or a race.  They removed my comment in less than 5 minutes.  Folks that is pure censorship and that is illegal.  Technically, no one can filter any speech in this country.  There are some comments that are illegal, like threatening the government or the President directly… WAIT… I guess that is yet another law that has been revoked since 18 people since the election have threatened the President and not a damn thing has been done.  If that was Obama being threatened the police would be out in force.

So Tex, what is your fucking point you are asking yourself?  Well let me tell you.  In our country we have the right of free speech period.  Since Sal Alinsky’s motives have been in the Liberal progressive agenda (since the 60’s) censorship from the left is the norm.  Block any speech or communication that contradicts or exposes the left’s agenda (the 8 rules of radical take over – READ THEM).  This is exactly what Facebook is doing.  They are prohibiting free speech, and also trying to get our guns at the same time.

Folks I urge everyone to get involved more in this government.  Join your local “Convention of States” ( As it is written in the constitution this is a group of states that are formed to take control of a tyrannical government that has abused their powers as our government.  The Liberal progressive agenda is being thrown in your face daily from the news, propaganda that they are only allowing to be seen on the internet (they are even censoring google and other search engines to block out conservative websites).  Act now Americans.  If the liberal progressives socialist agenda gets back in power this country will be lost forever.  We have a chance to correct that today.  So please care.

Religion and Politics

What strikes me is how in our own government we are taught at an early age that there is a separation of Church and state… but that does not apply in the US folks.  We have two factions… the Republicans with the strong Christian viewpoint mostly on their side, and the Democrats with the mostly atheist base groups (as well as some religions but not as a whole per say).  One side is so stout about gay marriage and abortion that they even try to quote the bible to prove their view points. Here is my concern to that.  Folks…. there are over 2900 version of the book we call the bible.  It is not the true word of God after it has been manipulated and reproduced to include and remove items from it to appeal to any new religion that pops up.  History also shows that the bible is not the real word of the Lord since it was created 300 years AFTER the death of Christ and the disciples.  The Council of Nice was put together to create what we call the bible.  However, let’s not forget that several gospels from Jesus and key disciples where not selected to be in that book.  Why is that?  Simple the bible was put together by pagans and new age Christians who wanted peace and see that there was some type of order of ethics in an age of disorder.  Since that time the bible has been modified over and over again to meet the needs or desires of the people in charge back in those years. The opposition to Gay Marriage was added, abortion was added, and things like baptism at birth, the only key scripture from Jesus himself, was removed in some religion’s bible (NIV mainly). So with all these changes to a simple book, who actually knows what God wants or is displeased with… I will tell you… Simple research on the history of religion will explain that… I would HIGHLY suggest that be done to understand what God really wants.  One of the key things is not to judge someone on earth.  Saying a gay person will burn in hell is a great example of that.  Gay lifestyles are as old as dirt… even before Christ days on earth.  It would not have existed if God had an issue from what I understand. So with the religious chat behind us here is the point of this rant/blog.  STOP Pushing laws for ethical or morality… period!  Why, simple we spend billions of tax dollars on Gay issues and abortion and other moral based topics… all for nothing.  How about this… we only concern ourselves with the ACTUAL issues of the nation, poor economy based on jobs going to other countries because the US taxes big business too high, getting rid of the unions… they are useless these days, strengthening the borders, fixing our foreign policy that were destroyed since 2008 and moving to a flat 10% tax across the board (should be eye opening to most that the Democrats are the ones who hate this proposed solution… why… because they are hiding the most $$$ they steal I bet).  Leave morality to God.  If gay marriage is a sin, then let God deal with it… it is not a reverend from a fake protest church in the bible belt to condemn someone.  Morality is something for an individual to deal with in the eyes of the Lord… not ours. Once we stop with the morality fights, we can actual get some things done right I hope… so let Gay’s Marry… they are not harming you… If a woman wants an abortion provide her a safe place to do so… it is just that simple folks… study the history of religion and get the real message of God… see that there are 1000s of scrolls that were not in the bible that were from the actual people who mannered… you can either look them up or take a trip to the Vatican to see if you can get in their library where they all reside.  But either way we need to stop bitching about religion in politics and get the actual problems solved.

The US and it’s failing government

Well, as an American it is hard to write this blog post, but I have to get this off my chest.  First of all since 2008, our nation has been failing miserably at just about everything… from economy to foreign policies.  Now is this all Obama’s failure… NO.  It is spread out to all the Senators and Congressmen who have aided in the conspiracy to ruin this great nation.  What good as come since 2008?  Seriously?  The lies about the economy being stable in the last State of the Union is a farce and middle class America knows it!  They even had a fake there as an example of how well the economy is doing… but she works for the Democratic party… and is doing very well I might add.  Our socialized programs at Obama demanded and got passed EVEN THOUGH the violated the constitution of the United States… they pushed them through… like ObamaCare.  It is also a complete failure.  Expensive, doctor reluctant to work with it since they are NOT getting paid, and several clauses that prohibit health care for the elderly is all just scratching the surface of that mess.  Our Foreign policy is a joke as well.  Obama constantly snubs the Prime Minister from Israel, a STRONG ally in the world for BS reasons?  Then they do nothing in the Ukraine, Middle East and he even snubbed France after their attacks.  But for all these failures in the Obama administration, Congress and Senate what do we constantly hear now (in 2008-2010 all we heard was “It’s George Bush’s fault”), is that the reason for failure is because America is racist and we all hate Obama because he is black.  Seriously… is that what we get?  How about the truth… He has NO real experience leading no exercise in decision making or no real experience in Foreign policy… he was elected solely because he came off as a great speaker, and seems to have the “juice” American was needing.  The problem is again perception.  He was and is a HUGE failure solely because of his lack of experience and knowledge of things inside, around and outside the US.  He has an agenda, one that is severely flawed and never had a chance of being beneficial to the US… just an agenda he wanted… and the fools of the same party and the lack of backbone Republicans backed him.  Finally if we all hate Obama because he is black… then why wasn’t he impeached after his first 6 scandals and failures?  Solely because of he is Black… he was not impeached because that would come off as a racist action and everyone knew it.  So instead of trying to restore order fast and get someone in the white house who would truly lead this nation out of the crap we are in now, we still have the socialist activist that has an agenda to get done.

What is funny is now with a mostly Republican house and senate I see nothing getting done still.  Why you ask?  Simple.  If the two parts of the government vote to have things like the Keystone pipeline, abolish ObamaCare and work on a real immigration plan, Obama will still veto the actions… thus again showing that President Obama is not here for the US people.. .he is not helping the middle class or the minorities… he has an agenda and dammit it will be done.  But let’s remember this everyone… the economy is still in the crapper, we have still the largest unemployment number ever (the treading they show is for new government jobs that require taxation to pay for them), ObamaCare is not working, our foreign relations are dying…started for the failures of Hillary and are being followed up by the failures of Kerry, to our lack of border control.  We are worse than we have ever been since Jimmy Carter… folks it is time to stop listening to the media and research everything… and start to stand up for your rights as a citizen and get rid of the trash that is ruining our nation… they are in the Congress, Senate and the White House… We the People vote them in… and we can remove them legally too… so do what is right and start to get the word out that we are not upset that our president is black.. we are upset because he is a moron and has no interest in fixing our nation… only making it worse… as he has proven.

Welcome One and All!

Well this is the first post on the Wilson Zone Blog.  I have to say that this will be an adventure for me since I have never dabbled in the world of blogs, but I hope this will be an informative and fun ride.  This is a site that is family oriented so please refrain from typing in bad language if all possible…. but I know (like myself) some topics can get heated and tempers arise… but please try to do the anger without the bad words… if all possible.  Look for some initial topics coming up soon…  Until then, enjoy the space.