Religion and Politics

What strikes me is how in our own government we are taught at an early age that there is a separation of Church and state… but that does not apply in the US folks.  We have two factions… the Republicans with the strong Christian viewpoint mostly on their side, and the Democrats with the mostly atheist base groups (as well as some religions but not as a whole per say).  One side is so stout about gay marriage and abortion that they even try to quote the bible to prove their view points. Here is my concern to that.  Folks…. there are over 2900 version of the book we call the bible.  It is not the true word of God after it has been manipulated and reproduced to include and remove items from it to appeal to any new religion that pops up.  History also shows that the bible is not the real word of the Lord since it was created 300 years AFTER the death of Christ and the disciples.  The Council of Nice was put together to create what we call the bible.  However, let’s not forget that several gospels from Jesus and key disciples where not selected to be in that book.  Why is that?  Simple the bible was put together by pagans and new age Christians who wanted peace and see that there was some type of order of ethics in an age of disorder.  Since that time the bible has been modified over and over again to meet the needs or desires of the people in charge back in those years. The opposition to Gay Marriage was added, abortion was added, and things like baptism at birth, the only key scripture from Jesus himself, was removed in some religion’s bible (NIV mainly). So with all these changes to a simple book, who actually knows what God wants or is displeased with… I will tell you… Simple research on the history of religion will explain that… I would HIGHLY suggest that be done to understand what God really wants.  One of the key things is not to judge someone on earth.  Saying a gay person will burn in hell is a great example of that.  Gay lifestyles are as old as dirt… even before Christ days on earth.  It would not have existed if God had an issue from what I understand. So with the religious chat behind us here is the point of this rant/blog.  STOP Pushing laws for ethical or morality… period!  Why, simple we spend billions of tax dollars on Gay issues and abortion and other moral based topics… all for nothing.  How about this… we only concern ourselves with the ACTUAL issues of the nation, poor economy based on jobs going to other countries because the US taxes big business too high, getting rid of the unions… they are useless these days, strengthening the borders, fixing our foreign policy that were destroyed since 2008 and moving to a flat 10% tax across the board (should be eye opening to most that the Democrats are the ones who hate this proposed solution… why… because they are hiding the most $$$ they steal I bet).  Leave morality to God.  If gay marriage is a sin, then let God deal with it… it is not a reverend from a fake protest church in the bible belt to condemn someone.  Morality is something for an individual to deal with in the eyes of the Lord… not ours. Once we stop with the morality fights, we can actual get some things done right I hope… so let Gay’s Marry… they are not harming you… If a woman wants an abortion provide her a safe place to do so… it is just that simple folks… study the history of religion and get the real message of God… see that there are 1000s of scrolls that were not in the bible that were from the actual people who mannered… you can either look them up or take a trip to the Vatican to see if you can get in their library where they all reside.  But either way we need to stop bitching about religion in politics and get the actual problems solved.

The US and it’s failing government

Well, as an American it is hard to write this blog post, but I have to get this off my chest.  First of all since 2008, our nation has been failing miserably at just about everything… from economy to foreign policies.  Now is this all Obama’s failure… NO.  It is spread out to all the Senators and Congressmen who have aided in the conspiracy to ruin this great nation.  What good as come since 2008?  Seriously?  The lies about the economy being stable in the last State of the Union is a farce and middle class America knows it!  They even had a fake there as an example of how well the economy is doing… but she works for the Democratic party… and is doing very well I might add.  Our socialized programs at Obama demanded and got passed EVEN THOUGH the violated the constitution of the United States… they pushed them through… like ObamaCare.  It is also a complete failure.  Expensive, doctor reluctant to work with it since they are NOT getting paid, and several clauses that prohibit health care for the elderly is all just scratching the surface of that mess.  Our Foreign policy is a joke as well.  Obama constantly snubs the Prime Minister from Israel, a STRONG ally in the world for BS reasons?  Then they do nothing in the Ukraine, Middle East and he even snubbed France after their attacks.  But for all these failures in the Obama administration, Congress and Senate what do we constantly hear now (in 2008-2010 all we heard was “It’s George Bush’s fault”), is that the reason for failure is because America is racist and we all hate Obama because he is black.  Seriously… is that what we get?  How about the truth… He has NO real experience leading no exercise in decision making or no real experience in Foreign policy… he was elected solely because he came off as a great speaker, and seems to have the “juice” American was needing.  The problem is again perception.  He was and is a HUGE failure solely because of his lack of experience and knowledge of things inside, around and outside the US.  He has an agenda, one that is severely flawed and never had a chance of being beneficial to the US… just an agenda he wanted… and the fools of the same party and the lack of backbone Republicans backed him.  Finally if we all hate Obama because he is black… then why wasn’t he impeached after his first 6 scandals and failures?  Solely because of he is Black… he was not impeached because that would come off as a racist action and everyone knew it.  So instead of trying to restore order fast and get someone in the white house who would truly lead this nation out of the crap we are in now, we still have the socialist activist that has an agenda to get done.

What is funny is now with a mostly Republican house and senate I see nothing getting done still.  Why you ask?  Simple.  If the two parts of the government vote to have things like the Keystone pipeline, abolish ObamaCare and work on a real immigration plan, Obama will still veto the actions… thus again showing that President Obama is not here for the US people.. .he is not helping the middle class or the minorities… he has an agenda and dammit it will be done.  But let’s remember this everyone… the economy is still in the crapper, we have still the largest unemployment number ever (the treading they show is for new government jobs that require taxation to pay for them), ObamaCare is not working, our foreign relations are dying…started for the failures of Hillary and are being followed up by the failures of Kerry, to our lack of border control.  We are worse than we have ever been since Jimmy Carter… folks it is time to stop listening to the media and research everything… and start to stand up for your rights as a citizen and get rid of the trash that is ruining our nation… they are in the Congress, Senate and the White House… We the People vote them in… and we can remove them legally too… so do what is right and start to get the word out that we are not upset that our president is black.. we are upset because he is a moron and has no interest in fixing our nation… only making it worse… as he has proven.

Welcome One and All!

Well this is the first post on the Wilson Zone Blog.  I have to say that this will be an adventure for me since I have never dabbled in the world of blogs, but I hope this will be an informative and fun ride.  This is a site that is family oriented so please refrain from typing in bad language if all possible…. but I know (like myself) some topics can get heated and tempers arise… but please try to do the anger without the bad words… if all possible.  Look for some initial topics coming up soon…  Until then, enjoy the space.