The End of Free Speech

Well Markie Zuckerberg spoke in front of the mindless and clueless politicians we call Senators and it was a completely joke folks.  First of all Markie insisted that they only “filter hate speech” … so what is Hate Speech.  For Markie it is any comment or view outside or different from the way he thinks according to the actual results of what Facebook is actually doing.  A good example is I wrote piece the day before MZ was to appear before the Senate.  It thanked MK for proving me right, ONCE again.  He proved me correct because what he is doing is actually illegal censorship.  When you block or remove speech, comments etc that differ from another option is the same as blocking hateful verbiage using slang to shine hate on a people or a race.  They removed my comment in less than 5 minutes.  Folks that is pure censorship and that is illegal.  Technically, no one can filter any speech in this country.  There are some comments that are illegal, like threatening the government or the President directly… WAIT… I guess that is yet another law that has been revoked since 18 people since the election have threatened the President and not a damn thing has been done.  If that was Obama being threatened the police would be out in force.

So Tex, what is your fucking point you are asking yourself?  Well let me tell you.  In our country we have the right of free speech period.  Since Sal Alinsky’s motives have been in the Liberal progressive agenda (since the 60’s) censorship from the left is the norm.  Block any speech or communication that contradicts or exposes the left’s agenda (the 8 rules of radical take over – READ THEM).  This is exactly what Facebook is doing.  They are prohibiting free speech, and also trying to get our guns at the same time.

Folks I urge everyone to get involved more in this government.  Join your local “Convention of States” ( As it is written in the constitution this is a group of states that are formed to take control of a tyrannical government that has abused their powers as our government.  The Liberal progressive agenda is being thrown in your face daily from the news, propaganda that they are only allowing to be seen on the internet (they are even censoring google and other search engines to block out conservative websites).  Act now Americans.  If the liberal progressives socialist agenda gets back in power this country will be lost forever.  We have a chance to correct that today.  So please care.

2 thoughts on “The End of Free Speech”

  1. Oh yeah, FREEDOM OF SPEECH, isn’t it nice that we live in a COUNTRY that allows the tax payers to voice their opinion when their money is being spent to provide food for those folks that are driving a Mercedes but have a Lonestar card to buy all their food, or for all those illegals that have been here since birth, which our tax money paid, grew up and were educated and then college, yup, college that I didn’t go to because I am a CITIZEN of this great COUNTRY that was not handed anything for free and couldn’t afford college. FREEDOM OF SPEECH, so nice to read those words, so let’s continue on with me being a Mexican American. My parents legally paid for us to be here and made an oath that we would never ask ZERO from this Country. All my parents wanted was to live in this COUNTY and be given an opportunity to do for their family and they did it without help. There are 8 of us and all of us are Citizens, now back to these COLLEGE kids that were born here or were brought here from another COUNTRY, they are out protesting about DACA and I’m amazed at how STUPID they sound. All this time, you couldn’t get your citizenship done so now you want us TAX PAYERS to pay your way in? Haven’t we given you enough, oh, like helping your mom at the hospital giving birth to you, and getting all the medical necessary for you to live to go to the schools that TAXPAYERS pay for and then COLLEGE and you are not smart enough to have saved your money to get yourself legal? What kept you from doing that for yourself? Why get it for FREE! TAXPAYERS don’t get anything for free AND on top of all that, we are told to SHUT UP! No, just like you’re out there protesting, do some good for your neighbor and get yourselves legal. You’re are too old to be asking for CITIZENSHIP because your parents brought you here when you were young! I haven’t seen a 10 year old protesting. I see adult kids (college) wanting something else for free from THE TAXPAYERS THAT are suppose to KEEP SHUT! This is not the AMERICA that we want. We want everyone to do for themselves. No free handouts because I’m proud to be AN AMERICAN because America is the land of the free, where you have the right to bare arms and have the freedom to speak!

  2. The only ones that would feel these posts are from brain dead individuals are the individuals that refuse to do actual research on the subjects. The data is clearly there but you will have to research past liberal propaganda pages… even venture to a library and review actual books that predate the liberal movement to brainwash the youth of America. Simple facts like the Nazis party was founded in Socialist policies and requirements… Socialism/Nazism/Fascism are all left wing because the root beliefs are the same. Single leadership, single control over everything – education, media, etc and a overall hatred of Capitalism… the one key thing that makes something Right Wing… they hate… You can find this data in several references from key authors dating back to the mid 30s and 40s. Brain dead individuals refuse to search past what their masters have told them is the truth. Real thinkers keep searching until everything is uncovered.

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