Should I Vote This MidTerm? Why Yes, but do some things first….

The BIG question is… should you vote? The simple answer is YES… but the correct answer is please do your research first. It is amazing to me how many people I know on the left that refuses to believe that their candidates are not corrupt or that there is voter fraud from the left. One way to find out for yourself is to do simple research. I will state that it is harder to get the facts with the blocks that are obviously in place from groups like google. Four years ago I searched for Voter Fraud… I received over 12 pages of actual proof of voter fraud across this great nation… Everything from illegals allowed to vote in California to votes from dead people in Illinois. However over the past few years, it has become a leftist push to state there is no voter fraud… and yes even lefty lawyers believe that crap as well. Their argument is that having Voter ID laws would stop legal voters from voting… my argument… WHY? What is stopping anyone from getting the proper voter IDs needed? From what I have read e-Verify (which is used where I work) is free. There is no payment, no cost to be in this system. So what is the problem? Simple folks. With actual voter ID processing illegal voters, and dead people can’t vote. Also another growing act of voter fraud, voting in multiple counties an states would be stopped too. Each legal American gets one vote… and that one vote stops when you pass away. In 2016 486K dead people voted for Hillary Clinton in Illinois… amazing right? Did you hear about that on CNN, MSNBC or Fox? Of course not… that is that voter fraud the Right keeps bitching about, so hide it. There was a neutral group that found these votes… showed them to the powers that be, and nothing was done. Folks that is corruption.

This leads me to my second point, review your candidates. Most people cast a ballot for Democrat only or Republican only without even researching their candidate. Has anyone research a congress person or senator before they voted? Doubtful I say. A good example is a couple of politicians in California. The high and mighty Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi. Has anyone from these two’s districts ever looked up their voting records? Maxine Water rarely votes… rarely even appears for votes and when she does vote it is typically against what she “stands for”. The similar is true for Pelosi, except she does vote more than Maxine Waters, she almost always votes against what her voters want. She has actually voted against LGBTQ rights then comes out and stated she supported them since her district includes the Castro areas of San Francisco. However if those voters would research her history they would see she is a big fat liar.

Also the majority of millionaires in the Congress and Senator are not from rich families… They got that way from being in office. I believe their average salary is around 170K now… You cannot be a 43 million dollar congress person/senator on that salary folks… Then you dig a bit deeper and you see that the majority of these politicians have their hand in the pot they tell you is evil. Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and Kamala Harris to name a few are neck deep in with the pharmaceutical and insurance companies… why do you think Pelosi once famously stated “They have to vote in the bill to know what is in it” for the Obama Care vote. She was geared to make millions.

Are there corrupt Republicans… absolutely. Look at Jeb Bush, Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan to name a few. However, they would sell our government into Socialism (what the democrat party is pushing for) than do their jobs… we call that spineless. However, this upcoming mid-term is critical Republicans have to hold the house and senate. Why you said? Simple. Trump’s agenda to get American strong again… is working. It is working even better than most predicted. The American people are getting more from their government and jobs than ever before… and that is solely due to President Trump since he has very little help in congress and the senate. And with the proof that the Democrats have been purposely obstructing President Trump from doing even more (that once was call treason), we have to vote republican to keep our growth back to the strongest economic nation on earth moving since President Trump is succeeding (you will never get that information from CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, etc) but if you research the facts you will see for yourself… that Trump has created more jobs than any other President, better salaries, more industry coming back, basically revoking all the socialist keys that are required to change our country into a socialist one. But you know what is funny? These elitist rich liberals that are pushing for Socialism here in the states are too blind to see their riches and property will be the first things taken if we turn socialist. Amazing how diluted people can because when they are told how to think and not use their own sense to research facts. scary.

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