America… We once had Laws

I entitled this post “America… We once had Laws” because we once did.  In the past, if you committed a crime you were caught and processed via a court system and proof would have to be give as to whether the person was guilty or innocent.  For the average Joe, that is still the case… except for being accused of Rape, your a politician on the left, or work for the government.

Let’s look at the recent rape cases.  Bill Cosby was sentenced yesterday… does anyone remember the court case?  No real evidence was provided that linked Bill Cosby to any of these women who accused him of this horrible act… Secondly and most important… the accusers all stated this happened in the past, some as far back as 20 years ago… but none of these women even thought about going to the police when this happened to them?  I am not defending Bill Cosby… if he is guilty he got what he deserved but ladies think for a minute… what if a woman who wanted to get back at your husband for something, like not getting a jobs she felt she was the best qualified for, or she was just jealous of you… All she has to do is accuse him of rape… and 90% of the time he will go to jail… no proof, no chance to defend himself since the action did not even happen.  Unfortunately with hollyweird getting on the bandwagon they are convicting innocent men of rape solely for stupid reasons… instead of them actually committing the crimes.  I guarantee if we would go back to the day where if an accuser is lying, they will serve time, this false accusation shit would stop… for good.  We need to seriously do this!  Presently Supreme Court Justice Kavanuagh is being accused of this as well.  Yet it happened 35 years ago, the so-called victim did not report it when it happened (because it probably did not happen) and conveniently has come out during his senate review… hmmm.  Folks this is purely political and it stinks.  It is time we stop these political sideshows and start to lock down how things are done.  If you claim rape you better have a police report and proof.  If not no crime was committed.   Follow the LAW!

Speaking of law, we used to have this crime called Treason.  Treason is where a person does something that contradicts the standing government, puts the government in harms way or providing resources or information to foreign governments be it our allied or foes…..

Folks do you realize that Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Eric Holder, Maxine Waters, Kamala Harris and Most of the leadership int the DOJ and FBI are guilty of treason?  Even Obama could be linked to at least two cases of treason – Benghazi (left Americans to die) and fast and Furious (giving semi automatics to Mexican cartels).  Hillary has the most acts of treason.  Selling uranium to Russia (documented), Bengahzi and the plot to ruin Trump during the election and after (worse that Watergate folks).  Is there a special council for any of these actions?   No… there is one that is supposedly starting up… I will believe it when I see it.  A Special Counsel is only allowed if there is proof of a crime and only that crime can be investigated.  We are now 20 months past the start of the Russia-gate probe and to date not a single shred of proof that the Trump Campaign ever even contacted Russia let alone colluded with them for the election… Yet there is proof that Hillary and the DNC, screwed over Bernie illegally and how Hillary worked with the Ukraine to work against Trump… yet still nothing on that and there is actual documented proof of those things…

So if you think Trump is a hateful and bad guy… you may want to look at the democrat leadership first.  Schumer, Pelosi and Waters are openly calling for the democrats to block anything that the Trump administration is trying to do… that is treason folks… plain and simple… what should have happened is once he first started that shit the Secret Service would have approached him and warned him about that and that type of action is aggression against a standing president… if he did it again he would have to be arrested… but he has done this now 12 times… and nothing.  Waters is going out stating “Impeach 45”  for what?  He has done no crimes and everything he has promised to do he is doing and it is working… So are Trump’s crimes bettering the American people?  I am not sure what the argument the Democrats are trying to make but to a logical person… they seem like they are out for their agenda and not what is good for the people.  The people are benefiting from job growth, employment more money for them and their families…  how can anyone be against that?


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