Democratic Party – Stop being Fooled!

So we have a great deal of people who state that they want the “Old Democrat” party to come back… and some people who state that the “New Progressive” party is required.  So I ask you why do people vote democrat party at all?  What is the difference between the two types of democrats?  The answer is very simple… nothing.  Now some of you say – ah you are full of shit.  They are nothing alike.  But fact will show that the democratic party does not have two sides… nor has it ever changed from the original Democratic party origins.  

When Andrew Jackson started the party they were pro slavery, pro BIG government, PRO expansion at all cost to name a few.  People forget that the democratic party was the party for slavery in the 1800’s.  They wanted to get rid of the native Americans (Trial of Tears where thousands of Native People were murdered was a directive from Andrew Jackson himself).  The democrats were the southern army and a great deal of the Northern Army as well.  The Republicans were a very small group then… barely out of it’s infancy but the President at the time, Lincoln… was a true believer in the Republican party… a party to abolish slavery, to give civil rights to all Americans regardless their color or sex (yes Democrats withheld the right to vote for women).  As it was true in the beginning it is still true today.  Ideological charts up until the mid 90’s were a straight line but scholars demanded the change to a circle or box to start to show where Right wing supports could be racist and hate mongers too… unfortunately the truly educated in ideological will tell you there is no way the ideological chart can be neither a circle or a box since they two sides are completely different.  The left side is democrats, socialist, Nazis, fascist and communism ending with a totalitarian government (dictator)  The Right side is comprised Conservatism, Free Market, Republics.  The two sides are completely different and will never be able to “Change sides”  So when you hear Republicans are racist… that is complete bullshit.  Democrats will tell you they “Changed” in the 60’s with the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the age of the “Dixiecrat”  The problem is 91 democrats voted against that bill… yes folks that was the majority of their voting block.  If it was not for the Republicans that bill would have never passed.  Much like the two Civil Rights Acts that were voted on in the past… all passed with Republican votes… no democrats.  So let’s look at the “Dixiecrat”  Yes there was a movement in the South in the 60’s to show that democrats were moving from the racist party that created the KKK, Skinheads, Neo-Nazis, segregation, Jim Crowe Laws, etc.  The only problem was there were only TWO politicians that switched to the Republican party during that small window…. the bulk of the southern Democrats stay the same.    The policies of the left have never changed… only are masked… altered to look like they care.  The biggest victims of these tactics are the minorities.  Black Americans were completely lied too during FDR and LBJ times to get black voters to the Democrat side and it worked… but instead of keeping their promises they continued to keep the black Americans down… kept them poor, lower educated and trained to vote, act and backup all the leftist policies they were pushing.  The facts are there… Simply look at Flint, Detroit, Chicago, NYC, LA, and every inter city with a large black population.  They have been cheated of the “American” dream since they jumped to the democrat side… Some are getting more knowledgeable and seeing that they democrats have lied to them but the majority of Black Americans still vote democrat and received no promised being fulfilled that were promised.  So today, the left has the media, colleges and other populous groups training young Americans about how bad the Right is… but if these same groups would research the facts… they would see that democrats are not for your betterment… they just want power and control.  I challenge anyone to read history about this… you will clearly see what I am writing today is correct.  Socialist/Nazis/Fascist have to control the media, health care, education, and several other things to success in taking over a country… The left is doing just that to American… which was founded on the very opposite of what the Democrats want to do politically.  Time to wake up America… and see that the left will not do a damn thing for you and have never done anything to help any Americans except their fellow Democrat and Rhino politician.  They are all getting rich from being in office and spit on their so-called voters.  The cheat over and over again in elections to steal them from the voter base and no one in the media will cover that.  That should be your first clue.  Wake Up America.

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